Sunday, October 6, 2019

Final Assessment of Apple Inc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Final Assessment of Apple Inc - Essay Example During critical analysis of its vision and mission statement, examination of Apple’s compliance to business ethics was also performed. Overall outcome of this analysis elaborates that Apple has made innovation and simplicity a foundation of not only its products, but its organizational philosophy as well. Effects of Globalization & Organizational Culture on Employee Selection and Training Apple is an ideal case study for understanding globalization in terms of business model and related processes. With workforce and supply chain scattered all around the globe and access to every part of global mobile and electronic gadgets market, Apple has managed to emerge as a market leader in mobile appliances and related applications. In addition to that, Apple’s organizational culture further supports its global business model and extended market access. ... Globalization has further strengthened the foundation of this culture. As a result of globalized model, Apple has introduced strategies like ethical partnership with the suppliers and home-based jobs for students and other professionals in order to avail opportunities offered by global business model. As far as employee selection is concerned, Apple uses market competitive strategies to attract and retain talent but only recruit employees that are not only job fit but an organization fit as well. As far as training methods employed are concerned, its leadership uses a simple regime of Tell, Show and Do. Employees undergo on-job as well as academic trainings for enhancing their skill inventory and using them accordingly. On the other hand, as an ethical organization, Apple has also introduced educational programs, i.e. graduation, associate and bachelors for employees working for its suppliers. Training its own workforce and suppliers’ employees is influenced by its philosophy that says, â€Å"When people gain new skills and knowledge, they can improve their lives (Apple, 2012a).† Apple’s Vision and Mission Statement Apple’s vision is based on an optimistic ideology of being a market leader in technology and communication devices. It has managed to offer products that cover every aspect of technology usage and allows the consumer to have an impeccable experience with its products becoming an integral part of customer’s life style. Beginning from MacBooks to iPhones and iPads, Apple has attempted to amalgamate convenience, functionality and style in a single gadget. Furthermore, its commitment to have a motivated workforce and supply chain is another area that provides participatory direction to its

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